Completion of 'The quickstart guide to YouTube' in Youtube Creator Academy

Hello, this is Middle Land.

While searching for how to start YouTube, I learned that there is the academy run by YouTube itself and completed the first recommended course, "The quickstart guide to YouTube". 😀

Starting with welcoming greetings, it consists of four courses, including YouTube's basics, channel branding, policies and guidelines introduction, and there is the course exam at the end.
It says it's expected to take about 90 minutes to study the whole story, and it took about that much for me. If you're going to start your YouTube channel, you'd better study this course first. If you get more than 75 points on the course exam, you will get the certificate as shown below. I put my last name and first name in Korean order... Unlike the blog name, it came out upside down. How stupid I AM!

I felt new things while preparing for YouTube, it's an amazing service. I thought it was just a video sharing service, but there were even very sensitive aspects such as copyrights.

Speaking of copyright, it reminds me of YouTube's lawyer who came out during the course.
When a character said that this is boring... "Yeah, I know," he said with a big smile, and he was cute. Haha.

In the era of one-person media, there are many private academies, but first of all, I highly recommend you to watch this academy, which is run by YouTube itself. Is there a place where know YouTube better than themself? And it's free!
However, if you are having a hard time learning related knowledge by yourself, you should get more detailed help from such as private academies.

In addition to these basics courses, there are also many intermediate and advanced courses such as "Money and business" courses such as " Earn money with ads," and "Content strategy" courses for "Create great content" which I'm sure that it will also help for those who already know better than me.

I didn't know anything about YouTube (I rarely used it as a viewer also!), but please leave a comment if you have any questions.
It's hard to give you a solution right away, but we'll try to find a way together.

'YouTube Creator Academy'

'The quickstart guide to YouTube' course

Thank you!


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