Recording tips for beginners: First recording and two mistakes

Hello, This is Middle land.

The first recording was made on Saturday, 4th July. It was a bumpy ride.

First of all, I'd like to share my two mistakes with you in the hope that you don't make the same mistake as me.

1. Noise instead of piano sound

When I played the first video clip with anticipation after the recording, the frustration...
The sound of the piano was not heard, but only the noise was recorded.
I did the test before recording and nothing was wrong.
I had to re-record the whole thing.

I think that the problems are probably one of the two below.
Since I re-recorded the video clip with the corrective measures that I thought at the same time, I don't know why. It could have been both reasons...

- Incorrect microphone cable connection
Could the jack have been not inserted properly unlike in the test?
Maybe the smartphone case caused interference, and the jack was not picked deep enough.
That's what I thought. During the re-recording, I removed the case and connected the jack.

- Refrigerator Motor
When I was frustrated by the noise from the recording, the refrigerator motor next to me was buzzing.
It went back to grandly. I thought, "Oh! Is this the cause?"
So I turned off the refrigerator for a while during the re-recording.

2. The screen that rotates by 90°

After re-recording, I came home and transferred the video clip to my laptop and got frustrated again.
It's playing with a 90° counterclockwise rotation like I'm looking at the sky.
I usually use my smartphone in 'Portrait' fixed mode, and this is what happens when I record in that state.
I should have recorded it in 'Auto-rotate’ mode, but I didn't know.
I couldn't find it if I just looked at my smartphone screen.

Ha~ Another deep sigh and anger about myself... oh... do I have to record it again?

Fortunately, I found a way to encode the screen by turning it normally, so I didn't re-record it.
However, I used half a day to solve the problem I mentioned the above one sentence. Haha
(By the way, it seems to have somehow prevented further wasted time. This story will be told next time...)

In conclusion, to prevent the above mistakes in advance, please follow these three in advance.

1. Make sure that the microphone and cable are connected accurately. Please remove the smartphone case if necessary.
2. Anything that can cause noise, such as a refrigerator, stops working for a while.
3. Record the performance in 'Auto-rotate' mode.

I'm using the 1.6 USD microphone as I mentioned in the previous post.

If I upgrade my microphone in the future, I think that I should purchase a microphone that allows me to monitor the recording status while recording.

Anyway, for those of you who are reading this article by accident, I hope you don't make the same mistake as me, so you don't have to re-record it.

Thank you.


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