Introduction to the Record App for Audio and Video - Dolby On: Record Audio & Music (Early Access)

Hello? This is Middle Land.

The recording app I use is 'Dolby On: Record Audio & Music (Early Access)', which is being developed by the famous 'Dolby Laboratories Inc.', which we always meet at cinemas. The reason I say it is in development is that it hasn't been released officially yet, and as the title says, it's being tested with an early access version. However, in my experience, I am using it stably without any inconvenience.

As can be seen from the above icon, it can be used for video recording, sound recording, internet streaming, and the main functions from the developer are as follows.

1. Enhance the mic
We've analyzed thousands of songs to adapt your recording to the ideal frequency response curve and dynamics of music from every genre. So, you sound rich and crip - even when recording with just your mobile device.

2. Clean up the track
Noise reduction, de-essing, and fade in/fade out help elevate only the sounds you want.

3. Expand sound
Dolby's unique dynamic eq and stereo widening give your track more tone and space.

4. Equalize audio levels
Limiting and compressing designed for live sound capture prevent distortion and keep your volume in range.

When you start recording, as shown in the picture above, the process of analyzing the surrounding noise for 3 seconds starts and after that, the actual recording starts. Be quiet at this time to filter out noise, right? :)

After recording, you can post-process as above. If you can consider it as taking a picture, It's a process like; Take a picture and apply a filter, colour correction and crop. Here, you can apply the style of the tone, edit the equalizer adjustment and simple trim, such as amplification or reduction of Treble/Bass sounds. After that, you can save the final result to your smartphone or share it on the Internet.

I actually did 3 recordings and some tests. I could definitely feel the sound getting louder and clear. It's certainly not comparable to the recording by a professional engineer in a great studio, but it's an app what you get better results than not using it.

It would be a good choice for those of you who have been thinking about what app to use to record. See below for details and downloadable links.

Thank you.


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